Antony Batty Insolvency Practitioners – 21st in top 100 Insolvency Practices

Our Insolvency Practitioners in London, Essex, Salisbury and The Cotswolds rank 21st out of the top 100 practices in Britain in the Insolytics League Table. We deliver results at sensible prices. FREE initial consultation.

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Our growing team

Alison started working in Insolvency in 2000, joining a small firm in Salisbury as an Insolvency Cashier. She continued in that role for three years, before moving over to case administration working across all Insolvency Sectors including Individual Voluntary Arrangements and Bankruptcy. On leaving the Salisbury Company she spent 6 months with PWC Bournemouth, before moving back to another Salisbury firm.

In May 2016, she took a six month break due to family commitments and returned to Insolvency in October 2016, working for Quantuma LLP. She joined Antony Batty and Company LLP in November 2018.

In her spare time she loves spending time with her family, in particular her granddaughter who is three. She enjoys baking, gardening and walking and for her sins supports Southampton Football Club.


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